Last updated October 31, 2023

Bet9ja cashout is a fantastic betting option that allows you to take a part of your potential payout while the game is ongoing. Here is an article that will explain everything about how to cash out on Bet9ja.

How to Cash Out on Bet9ja?

Imagine playing an accumulator with ten games, and you are stuck with the last game. You’re worried that you’ll lose your bet because your team has conceded an early goal.

However, cashout is available for both winning and losing bets. It allows you to cash in on a winning position for a guaranteed return when you are winning. Also, when you are losing, you can cut your losses in a losing position for a lower return. This feature will save you from losing your whole stake amount.

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There are three different methods to cash out on Bet9ja, depending on the convenient one for you.

In-Store Cash Out

Simply go to a registered Bet9ja shop and hand over the ticket you want to cash out to the cashier. The cashier will pay you the cashout value on the ticket.

Mobile Cash Out

Visit the Bet9ja website with your mobile phone and log in to your account. Then go to “My Bets” on the resulting page. Next, click on cashout and confirm the cashout to complete the process.

Bet9ja Mobile Cashout

Desktop Cash Out

Go to the Bet9ja homepage with your desktop and log in to your account. Then, click on “my bets” and select which of the bets you want to cash out.

Bet9ja cashout

You can do pre-game and live cashouts using any of these three methods.

What Are the Different ways to cash out on Bet9ja?

Bet9ja allows punters to cash out from the website using two methods.

Live Cash Out

This feature allows you to cash out your bets during the game. For example, you bet on Chelsea to win in a match between Chelsea and Manchester United, and Chelsea are leading 1-0 at 78 minutes. In order not to risk Manchester United scoring in the latter part of the game to dent your bet, you can use the Bet9ja cashout to lock in a profit.

Also, let’s say you bet on Chelsea to win the game, and Manchester United is leading as of 65 minutes. You can use the cashout feature to cut your losses by claiming a part of your stake if you don’t trust Chelsea to eventually turn things around.

Pre-Game Cash Out

This method is usually for accumulator bets. You can cash out your winnings before all the games on your betslip are settled. If you played an accumulator with ten games and you have second thoughts about the final game.

Perhaps, because you feel you picked the wrong market in the game. This feature is the perfect bailout for you. You can use this feature to cash out and relax with your win.

Also, you can cash out on a single bet before the game starts. For instance, if you bet on Liverpool to beat Real Madrid, but before the game started, you could no longer trust Liverpool to win the game, you can cash out to get a part of your stake.

Your cashout value might be more or less than your stake money. It depends on when you choose to cash out and the likelihood of your winning bets.

Bet9ja Cashout Rules

To enjoy this cashout feature, you must follow the Bet9ja cash out policy listed below. For all of the rules that apply, please visit the operator’s site.

  • You cannot cash out bets placed with bonus funds.
  • Bet9ja allows users to cash out on a wide range of markets. However, the betting platform reserves the right to exclude specific games, events, or sports from the cashout offer at any time and without prior notice.
  • There is a time delay in accepting a cashout offer. The cash out of the initial amount may not be successful if the odds change, the cashout value reduces, or the market is suspended.
  • Once the platform processes your cashout successfully, the cashout amount will reflect on your account balance. The outcome of your potential winnings will have no impact on your cashout amount.
  • Bet9ja reserves the right to void the initial bet you cashed out if the platform suspects anything. For example, it could be that you made the cash out after knowing the event’s outcome in your betslip.
  • Any bet that is settled partially or in full using cash out will not count towards the wagering requirement of any offer.
  • Bet9ja will not be held liable if the cashout feature is unavailable due to technical issues. Thus, your bets may remain in place during this time.
  • Bet9ja reserves the right to change, suspend, or remove the cashout feature for any event or market at any time.
  • Bet9ja maintains the right to reverse the settlement of a cashout if the bet or market was settled incorrectly.

Why Is My Cashout Unavailable on Bet9ja?

Bet9ja allows players to use the cashout feature in most markets. However, the betting platform does not allow you to cash out on all markets. If you can’t cash out, it is most likely due to one of the following reasons.

  • Cashout is not accessible on the market you bet on, e.g., Football Win either Half markets.
  • The market is temporarily suspended due to in-game incidents such as a VAR check, a goal scored, a red card or penalty awarded, etc. Therefore, market odds will change in response to these incidents.
  • The bet is more likely to be suspended if it contains numerous in-play games.
  • Your cashout value is lower than a predetermined value, deemed too low to be cashed out.
  • You cannot cash out a bet that was placed with bonus funds.

How to Calculate Cashout on Bet9ja

If you want to know how to calculate cash out in Bet9ja, the process is not difficult. Bet9ja calculates cashout by taking the potential winnings and dividing them by the current odds of the event at the time of cashout, be it in-play or pre-game. The calculation process is slightly different for accumulator bets.

How Long Does It Take to Cash Out from Bet9ja?

Cashing out on Bet9ja is very straightforward and takes less than a minute most of the time. Follow the Bet9ja cash-out rules, and you’ll cash out your winnings in no time.

How Much Can You Cash Out on Bet9ja?

You can’t cash out less than ₦1 on Bet9ja, and you can cash out as high as ₦20 million on Bet9ja.

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Other Great Products on Bet9ja

Aside from the Cashout feature, which is itself a fantastic offer, Bet9ja has a lot of great products, such as Zoom Soccer, for example. Also, there is Super9ja, a weekly football jackpot.