Last updated October 31, 2023

Bet9ja soccer betting offers a range of soccer betting options for new and existing customers to access. In addition to different soccer markets, the provider is also providing a bonus offer for customers. This Bet9ja review will outline all the required details on the bonus offer as well as information on special soccer options and tips on how to play Bet9ja soccer.

How to bet on soccer on bet9ja?

To wager on bet9ja soccer, players will have to register a new Bet9ja account, confirm their account and date of birth. Betting on bet9ja can be done by following the easy to follow steps below:

  1. Go to the homepage on bet9ja and select the ‘Register’ option.
  2. Fill in the appropriate details, including, a valid email address, full name and date of birth. All details must be accurate to proceed with setting up a valid account.
  3. Once complete, new players can enter the bet9ja promotion code for soccer betting.
  4. As soon as the account is confirmed, players can deposit funds into their account. Bets can then be placed on soccer and zoom soccer bet9ja.
Bet9ja Soccer Betting

Bet9ja Soccer Zoom

Zoom soccer bet9ja virtual soccer game where real soccer teams from genuine leagues across the globe simulate results. It is unrelated to any live or in-person soccer games that take place and it is purely simulated. Players can wager on the bet9ja virtual soccer games, with up to date odds provided.

How to check bet9ja soccer zoom result?

Checking the bet9ja virtual soccer results is straightforward and can be done following a few simple steps. To view the bet9ja soccer results, follow the steps below.

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Select the ‘Sports’ option in the toolbar at the top of the page.
  3. On the left menu, running down the left-hand side of the page, select ‘Soccer Zoom’
  4. You can then expand and see various options, including today’s matches and bet9ja virtual football league results also.
Bet9ja Soccer Zoom

What are soccer special options in bet9ja?

The bet9ja soccer special meaning allows players to select the less obvious bets on soccer matches. Aside from the full-time bet9ja soccer result or correct score, bettors can access a range of further markets via the provider’s platform and bet9ja English Premier League odds. Below are some of the tips on how to play bet9ja soccer specials.

Red Card

Red card special allows players to predict if one or more players will be sent off during a match. There are also options to bet on the total, or over/under, amounts of red cards during an entire tournament.


For goalscorer specials, there are two options available. Players can place a bet on the first goalscorer or an anytime goalscorer. The first goalscorer is when a bettor selects an individual player from either side to score first in a match. For an anytime goalscorer bet to the payout, the bettor must select an individual player to score anytime during the match. Selections can be from either team contesting a figure.

Over/Under Fouls

These over/under markets allow players to predict the amount of fouls either under a certain amount or over a certain amount. Players can also make this selection for one team in a match, or both teams combined in a match. The over/under amounts to wager on will be given in decimals (e.g. 25.5, 26.5 etc).

Over/Under Offsides

Similar to over/under fouls, players can bet on whether there will be over or under a particular amount of offsides in a match. For all-over/under bets, bet9ja soccer uses the competition’s official website to verify statistics.

What are the Bet9ja soccer special rules for betting?

Before making a bet, it is important to understand some of the rules that Bet9ja soccer betting has in place. Below is an overview of the main rules for players to be aware of.

Minimum and Maximum Amounts

Bettors can only wager a minimum of N100 at any time and the maximum payout per day will not exceed N10,000,000,000. However, if any winnings go beyond this amount, the provider will adjust the winnings on each ticket.

Bet Cancellations

Once a bet has been placed, the amount cannot be changed or cancelled. Players are encouraged to double-check the amount they wish to bet before confirming. All odds given at the time of the bet will stand and odds cannot be changed once a bet is confirmed. Bet9ja can refuse or cancel any bets before an event without notice or explanation.

Single and Multiple Bets

Bettors can place both single and multiple bets on any event. Combined bets are also available and are created by wagering on different actions in the same event. For example, choosing a full-time result and the amount of red cards in a soccer match.

Our tips on how to play bet9ja soccer

By following these tips when using the bet9ja soccer shop, bettors can increase their chances of winning. However, not all tips on how to play soccer on bet9ja will produce a guaranteed winner.

  1. Use bet9ja soccer old mobile and bet9ja livescore to track team and player statistics. Having an understanding of the top and lowest performers in any soccer league is key to making an informed decision when placing a soccer bet.
  2. Follow the bet9ja soccer result page. Looking at teams results can lead to an educated guess about their next result. Following soccer results increases the chances of noticing patterns and trends in certain teams.
  3. Make use of bet9ja soccer and zoom soccer bet9ja free bets. If a team is performing well or badly, placing a well-time free bet can increase winnings without any additional cost.


In conclusion, there are many positives for the bet9ja soccer page. The provider offers some excellent options for soccer specials, in addition to a bet9ja virtual soccer also. There is a wide range of soccer odds in most professional football leagues as well as some excellent free bets for players to access.

Betting with responsibility ensures you can place wagers and maintain the fun element of gambling. Always ensure you take the time to read any of the provider’s key terms and conditions. Make sure you have understood the fine details before signing up for a promotion or offer too. Responsible gambling requires an informed decision, which is in the hands of the bettor.