Last updated January 11, 2024

The following guides you towards a walk-through of the Betway Sport betting app, the welcome bonus, and how to adequately and successfully take up the bonus offers when logging in.

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Bet on Betway Sports

Betting is made more fun with a good and wide range of players, as well as sports to choose from. Whether you enjoy balls in only some of their shapes and sizes like Pool or Snooker, Tennis or Basketball.

Even if you are more into Cycling or Formula 1, you’ll find that Betway Sports has prime sport betting features through and through. Sport is where all those choices come into one. To enjoy premium gameplay. it helps to know that you’re only one app away.

Betway Betting

Betway Sports: Pros & Cons


  • Betway is one of the leading sportsbooks in Nigeria and the entire industry.
  • Free bets have no wagering requirements.
  • The Cash-Out option is growing in popularity rapidly among fans.
  • A scintillating live streaming feature is to be expected, which covers most international sporting events.
  • A good reputation of over 14 years nullifies any initial doubts of legal integrity.


  • Free bets expire after 7 days when unused.
  • Navigation on mobile can be slightly more responsive

Betway Soccer Bets

With sports betting soccer, in Nigeria, you’re sure to have even the nay-sayers taking a second glance at the immense soccer-specific betting options available with the sportbook.

If soccer is your first choice, you’ll be pleased to find that this game, which has stood monumental over the years, has become increasingly popular within the world of sports betting. Unsurprisingly!

When you visit Betway Sports and find your way onto the Soccer app, you will find the soccer section on the top left of the bar on the screen within the sports section.

The number of offers on the Soccer game range and ways to bet is on par with industry standards, and in some instances show perfectly what premium soccer betting is all about.

Sports Betting Soccer

Virtual football on Betway

In the betting virtual game section of the betway sports app, the English Championship League is one of the featured titles, right next to the Italian and Spanish Championships.

There is also one edition of the Golden Football Race. The difference in duration compared to live games is that the virtual ones last only a few minutes, as compared to real-life which plays on for a minimum of 90 minutes.

The aim of the virtual football feature is only to highlight the main moments of the game, enabling a player to participate in more than one game, in an hour and a half, the same time it would usually take to enjoy only one game.

Hence, its 15 minutes at a time in the Virtual Football app, allows for good betting moments, guaranteed. The time in this section is split in two, one to give a player plenty of time to make their bets. The second is to watch the highlights play out from within the menu.

Betting can be done in one of two ways in Soccer; namely, via matches and via match day. In the first category, one is only allowed to bet on a single game, or at halftime. Whilst the Match Day market means that a player can bet on all the matches taking place on that particular matchday.

Each bet type has an offering of multiple markets to choose from; for example;

  • Winning Margins,
  • Half-time/Fulltime results,
  • Handicaps 3 Way,
  • Total Goals Scored,
  • Correct score
  • And more.
Virtual Football Betting

Betway Fantasy Football

In order to play Betway fantasy football, you have to be a registered player in the Soccer markets. To get the gist of what it is about; the meaning is well in the name.

Here you are allowed to create your teams choosing your players. The options for players form imaginary yet life-like characters, inspired by real players and teams. An example of such a player and team would be, players from ‘Real Madrid’, such as in real soccer.

Betway Horse racing

Horse racing as a sport is not particularly popular in Nigeria however, as a betting game in horse racing, players are picking up by the numbers every day.

When it comes to Betway horse racing, the betting options there are quite a few more than usual, and below is a list of some, along with what they mean:

  • Place Only:
    For backers to win, the horse must win from the same place guessed/gambled in horse racing.
  • Forecast:
    In horse racing, this is where gamblers need to guess the horse to finish first as well as second.
  • Winner:
    This is to bet on the favourite horse that will make the finishing line first.
  • Insure bet/Cover bet:
    If a horse does not win but only finishes in places, the bettor refunds the stake
  • Tote:
    This is the instance where Winners share their takings from a shared pot.
  • Accumulators:
    This refers to when one might increase the chances of winning by adding more horses to a race.
  • Trixie:
    Bet three horses but must win two out of three to make a profit. It is otherwise considered a loss if only one wins.
  • Patent:
    Spread your bet over seven horses, whichever one wins yields a return on the wager.

Bet on tennis at Betway

Tennis is historically recorded to come from England, not so many years ago, compared to most other forms of sports. As a result, it was relatively only recently added to the Olympics. This, however, does not affect the chances of being able to take up some tennis betting at Betway, as it is fully available on Betway sports.

Sub-Saharan Africa is bursting with growing talent in this sport. As a newly growing sport, it is most popular with the youth.

Here are some of the bets to consider placing in, when playing tennis on the betway sports app;

  • Any Set To Nil
  • Double Result
  • Game Handicap
  • Number Of Sets
  • Odd/Even Games
  • Overs/Under
  • Player 1 to win a set
  • Player 2 to win a set Long

Betway Boxing Betting Bests

Boxing, a game that has grit and tenacity, a powerhouse of entertainment, despite its somewhat gruesome history, to date remains one of the more popular sports events around.

From street-fighters who had no referees outside of clear defeat, to the huge money-making field it is today, boxing bets are sure to keep any participating bettor right in the hot-seat of the action.

Without a doubt, boxing betting online and via vendors such as Betway Sports, has allowed the sport to evolve all the more.

On the Betway Sports app, a bettor can choose to bet on a pre-game or live betting market, this way enabling different options and scenarios for top-notch betting. The cool thing about boxing is that it comes with a cash-out feature, which allows you to withdraw whenever you choose to.

Betway Cricket

Go to Betway Sports, either via the Sports app or your favourite web browser, and bet on a ‘T20’, ‘IPL’ or even a test tournament. You’ll have the option of either placing the bets live or before the sports begin. Either way, there are 365 days to bet on cricket when you visit the sports app.

The Sports betting types for cricket:

  • Match Result
  • Top Bowler
  • Coin Toss
  • Will there be a tie?
  • Team With Top Batter
  • Any player to score a milestone

Betway eSports Betting

This is a world that has evolved from homes and arcades to real sporting competition with sports since the early 200s’. A game which is played in teams or as individuals.

In this selection you can expect to find all the main games from the genre; such as ‘Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’, ‘League Of Legends’, ‘StarCraft 2’, ‘Team We’, and much more.

Like all their other games, the only way to place any bets on their feature is by registering to open an account with Betway.

Once logged in, the bets to choose from are only three with this selection of games, and they are:

  • Match Result
  • Handicap
  • Game Winner
Betway eSports

In Closing with this Conclusion

As we already concluded in the full Betway review, this bookmaker is indeed a safe and fun option when it comes to being able to place your bets. At Betway Sports, there is a promise that the app includes almost every single game on offer to bookkeepers. They tend to deliver!

With the range of sports to choose from, given that the quality of the navigation within the app is unquestionable, whilst boasting an impressive range of betting ways – it is our opinion that Betway Sports is a good bet indeed.

A site that is well-thought-out when it comes to satisfying a gamers’ undying need for play, and so much more! At Betway, it may just be that for premium sports betting, this is where it is at.