Last updated December 7, 2023

Our analysis shows that BetWinner is one of Nigeria’s leading online betting brands, known for providing sports betting and casino services. Our focus in this guide will be on one of the most popular casino games on the site – the BetWinner Aviator. We will discuss information about the game, including its rules, how to play it and other relevant details to assist members interested in knowing about it.

What Is the Aviator Game? 

The BetWinner Aviator is an online casino game created by Spribe, a top casino game provider. The game features a red airplane on a black background that moves along the runway before rising gradually into the air. The time the plane spends in the air before it disappears will determine your winnings.

Aviator was created in 2019, and ever since its emergence, many players have embraced it due to its simplicity and easy-to-understand concept. It doesn’t require so much skill, but you need to use your instinct. Luck also plays a big part in winning the BetWinner Aviator game.

Betwinner Aviator

How to Play Aviator on BetWinner Nigeria?

Playing Aviator on BetWinner Nigeria is simple and easy. The bookmaker provides a demo version which helps you understand the concept of the game fully before wagering with real money.

However, before you can play, you will need to first register. You can use the BetWinner sign up code. After meeting all the terms, you can get a 200% bonus on your first deposit up to ₦130,000.00 or a casino first deposit bonus of up to ₦169,000.00 + 150 FS.

Now, let’s analyze a step-by-step guide on how to play the Aviator game on BetWinner.

  1. After signing up with BetWinner Nigeria, login to your account.
  2. Locate ‘Aviator’ from the menu options and go through the casino section to find the BetWinner Aviator game.
  3. Click to open the game. You will see the red plane set on a black background and an area where you can bet on the game.
  4. Enter your stake and click the green bet button to confirm your wager.
  5. Once the game starts, the plane will begin to rise. The more the plane flies, the more the game’s multiplier increases your potential winnings.
  6. Wait for the perfect moment to cash out your winnings while the plane is still flying. You can do this by hitting the cashout button.
  7. Ensure you make a timely decision to cash out your bet before the plane flies off your screen so you don’t lose your stake and whatever winnings you have.

Furthermore, players may use the Autoplay and Auto Cashout features for this game. The Autoplay feature allows you to activate when you place your bet, while the Auto Cashout automatically cash out your bet when the plane reaches a specific multiplier number.

Betwinner Aviator Game

BetWinner Aviator Game Rules 

Understanding the BetWinner Aviator rules will help players excel at it. Let’s briefly discuss a few main rules of playing Aviator games on BetWinner.

Place Your Bet before the Plane Takes Off

Here’s the first Aviator game rule. The game offers many rounds, depending on the duration it takes for the plane to fly off your screen. So, it’s necessary to place your bet before the plane takes off to get a chance at winning.

Watch the Plane Take Off While your Winnings Increases

Aviator uses a multiplier to determine your winnings. So, the more the plane rises, the more returns you get on your bet. Furthermore, it’s important to watch the game’s progress closely to help you make a timely cashout decision.

Cash Out your Bet before the Plane Flies Away

Although this game requires patience to allow the multiplier to increase your potential returns to a considerable extent for cashout, you have to be very calculative. In order words, don’t wait too long before you hit the cashout button to avoid losing your Aviator bet.

BetWinner Aviator Game Rules 

Aviator Games Review

It’s not surprising that Aviator is one of the most liked casino games amongst bettors despite entering the casino betting scene in 2019. This game is very unpredictable as it uses a random number generator to determine its outcome. In other words, statistics or special skill is irrelevant in this game. Instead, players need their instincts and luck to determine their fate.

By conducting thorough research on all bookies we can say with confidence that BetWinner offers the best Aviator among top bookmakers in Nigeria, and it is easy to play and understand. You will realise the game has three sections as soon as you launch it. The first section has the plane displayed on a black background, ready to fly. In the second section, you get to determine the type of bet to play, whether single or double. It’s also the area where you can manage your game. The third section provides the winning history and payout for all bettors. You get to view when other active players cash out their bets.

New players can use the demo mode to familiarise themselves with how the game works. Players also get features like Autoplay, Auto Cashout, and In-Game Chat, all of which make the game more exciting. Conclusively, bettors should have a set-out budget for this game as it’s very unpredictable, so as not to wager more than expected. It’s a game of luck, as we mentioned earlier.


To wrap up this guide, we answered some frequently asked questions about the BetWinner Aviator game.

Can you play Aviator on BetWinner?

Yes, the Aviator game is available for BetWinner users. Kindly visit the bookmaker and register an account to start playing.

Where to find Aviator at BetWinner?

You can find Aviator at BetWinner in the menu options. Alternatively, go to the casino section and search for the game there.

How to cash out on BetWinner Aviator?

To cash out your BetWinner Aviator bet, hit the ‘cash out’ button before the plane flies away.