Last updated October 31, 2023

Do you want to learn about the meaning of handicap in Bet9ja? See here the different types of handicaps and list the best handicap sports.

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What is handicap betting in Bet9ja?

The meaning of handicap in Bet9ja is a virtual advantage or disadvantage given to a team/player of a sporting event that changes the matchup odds. How much the advantage or disadvantage is will be determined by Bet9ja, along with the odds. The bet is settled on the outcome of the event after adjusting for the handicap.

Example of the meaning of handicap in betting:

In a football match, Team A is considered an underdog and is given a two-goal handicap advantage. So if the match ends in a draw or even one goal in favour of Team B, the handicap bet on Team A would still win. The actual winner of the match does not matter.

If the match ends with a two-goal or more scoreline for Team B however (Example: 0-3), the bet would lose.

Keep in mind that when you use a handicap at Bet9ja, the handicap only applies to the team you bet on. As mentioned above, bet9ja will determine the odds and size of the handicap. Usually, a Bet9ja handicap will attempt to create even-money matchups by adding points for underdogs or taking points from favourites.

Handicap betting in Bet9ja is available for a variety of sports which include

  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • American Football
  • Cricket
  • Aussie Rules
  • Rugby
  • Ice Hockey

How do you place a handicap bet in Bet9ja?

To bet on a handicap in Bet9ja you must first pick a sporting event you would like to wager on. You can do this by finding the sporting event through the search feature or browsing through the different sports.

Handicap in Bet9ja

After you have found the matchup you will notice a ‘HANDICAP’ tab if the matchup is available for handicap betting. Clicking on the tab will take you a list of possible handicaps for the matchup. Each Bet9ja handicap will also provide odds.

To place the bet, click on the odds and the bet will appear on your betting slip. You may then type in the wager amount and confirm the bet by clicking on the ‘BET’ button.

What do the handicap numbers mean?

To understand the meaning of handicap in betting, we must understand how to read handicap numbers. A bet9ja handicap is usually presented as a positive or negative number. If we look at the example below, we can see how the handicap in Bet9ja is displayed for two NBA games.

Handicap in Betting

The first game between the 76ers and Hawks where the 76ers are the home team and thus written first. The 76ers is also written in a green font which means that they are the favourites for the matchup.

The number (-6.5) displayed next to the 76ers name is the size of the handicap in points.

So in this case, a bet on the 76ers will have a handicap of -6.5 points in the matchup and a bet on the Hawks will give +6.5 points. The odds to bet on either team are displayed on the right respectively. 1 HP refers to the odds of the home team and 2 HP of the away team.

In the case of football matchups, the handicap will be written in the form of a score. (Example: 0:2) The home team will be represented by the first number and the away team by the second.

Meaning of corner handicap in Bet9ja?

Corner handicapping is a handicapped wager on the final number of corner kicks a team will have against another. For example, let’s say you bet a corner handicap of (-2.5) on Manchester United against Barcelona. This bet would require Manchester United to take at least 3 more corners than Barcelona for the wager to win.

European handicap meaning in Bet9ja?

To make a European handicap bet in Bet9ja we must understand what kind of wager it is. The European handicap meaning requires whole numbers to be added to the underdog and accordingly subtracted from the favourite. The European handicap meaning also offers three selections instead of 2, with the option of a draw. European handicaps are generally used in football betting.

Example to explain handicap in Bet9ja:

  • Barcelona (-1) – 1.75 odds
  • Draw (-1) – 3.6 odds
  • Manchester United (+1) – 4.10 odds

Is there Asian handicap in Bet9ja?

There is currently no Asian handicap in Bet9ja. Asian handicaps eliminate draws in football matchups, reducing the matchup to two outcomes. This is done by offering half goals, ensuring that one team is guaranteed to win.

See below an example to explain what is handicap in Bet9ja:

  • Barcelona (-1.5)
  • Manchester United (+1.5)

In some cases, a handicap 0 asian bet can occur. Handicap 0 meaning refers to when neither team is given a goal advantage on the handicap.

While this type of handicap isn’t currently available on the site, we do expect Asian handicap on the bookmaker site in the future. Keep an eye on the Bet9ja website, or bookmark our in-depth Bet9ja sportsbook review to be the first one to know when they offer it!

What is alternative handicap betting in Bet9ja?

The meaning of handicap in betting is different from alternate handicapping. With an alternate handicap instead of trying to make a matchup even, the bookmaker attempts to create lopsided odds. So instead of making a 50/50 matchup using handicaps, they try to make a 80/20, 70/30 or 60/40 matchup with odds that vary as well.

Which sports are using handicap betting in Bet9ja?

There are over a dozen sports which user handicap betting in Bet9ja:

  • Football- uses goal handicaps and corner handicaps to even out matchups.
  • Ice Hockey- goal handicap to even out matchups.
  • Basketball- adds and subtracts points to create even matchups. (Point Spread)
  • Tennis- provides handicaps in total number of games for sets or full matches.
  • Cricket – handicap for total number of runs or wickets won by.
  • American Football- adds and subtracts points to create even matchups. (Point Spread)
  • Aussie Rules- adds and subtracts points to create even matchups. (Point Spread)
  • Rugby- adds and subtracts points to create even matchups. (Point Spread)