Last updated November 30, 2023

Read on for details about the BetKing agent requirements and register today to work with this online betting site.

How to Become an Agent at BetKing Nigeria Step by Step

At BetKing, customers can join the brand either as a customer or as an agent. First, anyone joining as a bettor with the company can receive ₦500 free bet. Furthermore, upon registration, new bettors can unlock this offer using the BetKing referral code VIPBET.

However, the betting provider also runs a program for people or players who want to become an agent and work with the site. Anyone interested in becoming an agent with BetKing will need to complete some registration steps online. 

However, these are different to the general player sign-up procedure. Although, you will also need a regular player account set up if you wish to become an agent. 

Overall, the agent sign-up process is simple. But you will need to provide some personal details and meet some pre-requirements.

To get started with this growing sports betting site, follow the BetKing shop agent registration guide below.

  1. First, you must head to the provider’s homepage. Then select the box marked to become an agent.
    BetKing Agent
  2. Second, you will be redirected to a registration form. Enter the necessary details and submit once complete.
    BetKing Agent Registration
  3. After submitting your application, you can check its status at any time by logging into your personal account. Here you will be presented with different outcomes. The application is reviewed and then either rejected or accepted.
  4. If accepted, you will be registered as an agent with one of the fastest-growing sports providers.

What Are the Requirements to Become a BetKing Agent

However, before you start the BetKing super agent registration process, you should check that you meet the qualification requirements.

At present, anyone interested in becoming an agent must have certain specifications. Ensure you can fulfil all of the necessary requirements before you begin the application steps. This will improve your chances of qualifying as a successful agent with the betting brand. 

Below, you can find a list of all the requirements to join this provider as an agent today.

  • Your shop must be in a busy area to bring in enough customers.
  • Having at least two cashiers available to support customer service is essential.
  • Your location must have three TVs (minimum).
  • Three Laptops (minimum) are also required on-site.
  • Thermal printers that have a stable connection are necessary to print bet slips and important documents. 
  • A stable internet supply is vital so you can successfully support customer bets and requests.
  • Ensure your space has a reliable generator or power source.
  • Make sure a shop is not close to other agents so new clients can find a nearby BetKing location to use. 

How to Set Up Your BetKing Agent Account? 

Once you have met the necessary criteria to become a BetKing agent, you can set up an account. To successfully become an agent, you must have an existing betting account. 

With a valid BetKing account, you can see the process of your application and manage your agent status. In addition, you can make necessary deposits and bets. 

If you are interested in becoming a betting site agent, follow the step-by-step guide to get started. 

  1. First, you must complete the BetKing registration. If you do not, you can sign up with the provider via the homepage and select join now.  
  2. Next you will enter some personal details into the registration form like a Nigerian mobile number.
  3. Then you will receive an SMS code to confirm your account. Once clicked, your account will be set up by the bookmaker. 
  4. You can then log back into your personal account and head to My Arera and Tickets page.
  5. Here you will see the status of the application and whether it has been accepted.
  6. Once your account registration has been accepted, you can access your BetKing agent login at any time. 

How Much is BetKing Agent Commission?

Currently, agents with this bookmaker receive 30% commission. This is paid every Monday month. However, weekly and monthly bonus offers are also available for agents. 

For example, they can also get a 300% maximum multiplier bonus on online games. In addition, weekly commissions monthly are available for successful agents. 

Also, agents can receive the highest selection per single ticket, which is available on up to 40 games.

How much is the BetKing agent registration fee?

Currently, the BetKing agent registration fee is ₦25,000. To qualify, you must deposit this into your online betting account and it will act as the registration amount. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I register for BetKing in Nigeria?

To register with BetKing, you must first visit the bookmaker’s homepage. Then, provide the necessary personal details and information. After this, the provider will confirm your account and you will be all setup.

How much does it cost to be a BetKing agent?

Presently, the registration fee is ₦25,000. However, further costs might come from providing resources in shops like printers, internet, electricity and staff. 

How much does BetKing pay their agents?

Today agents for this betting provider will receive a 30% commission from sales. However, the provider does also offer certain bonus rewards for agents. 

How to fund a BetKing agent account?

If you need to make a deposit to your BetKing account, you must have an existing account. To make a deposit, log into your account and head to the deposit section. Choose your preferred method and confirm the amount to deposit.

What are the benefits of becoming a BetKing agent?

Currently, the company offers agents a range of benefits for joining as an agent. First, weekly bonuses are provided to successful agents on top of the 30% commission. Also, bettors can receive various betting bonuses each month.