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Esports betting is one of the most popular activities among sports bettors in Nigeria. eSports allows punters to bet on the outcomes of virtual games. In this guide today, we’re going to explore your options at N1bet esports. Moreover, we’ll share the available N1bet promo codes with you in this guide as well.

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Bet on N1bet eSports

The fun of eSports betting lies in the markets and the titles. At N1Bet, you can find the top eSports titles from around the world along with the most prominent tournaments. Over the last few years, N1bet has become the one-stop destination for eSports lovers in Nigeria.

On the N1bet website, eSports titles can be found under the Cybersport tab. So, if you can’t find ‘eSports’ on the sports section of the website, there’s no reason to worry. Simply click on the main menu and navigate to the Cybersport button.

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Among the hundreds of eSports titles across the world, some have managed to get a larger fanbase than the others. In this section, we’re going to look at the most popular games you can bet on at N1bet, a sportsbook powered by Softswiss. You can check out the details of N1bet in our complete review.


Whenever eSports betting is concerned, the first name that usually comes to our mind is CSGO. For the newcomers in the cybersports space, CSGO stands for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It has a unique community of bettors that are very passionate about the title.

At N1bet, you’ll find markets such as 1 map – total rounds, map handicap, and 1 map – round handicap. High-stakes tournaments such as ESL, PGL, FantasyExpo, etc. are available. Keep in mind that the itinerary of tournaments changes based on what season it is.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is probably the biggest sport under the eSports umbrella. The world-class teams and their members are considered no less than celebrities among the bettors. All in all, CSGO is an amazing title to start your journey with eSports betting.

If you’re a fan of the game and you enjoy competitive CSGO, N1bet is the perfect place to find the perfect odds and markets.


Dota2 is another classic title when it comes to eSports. The game has been around for years and it has picked up immense traction during this time. It’s a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) where teams compete against each other to destroy the enemy infrastructure.

As a result of the popularity of this title, there is a huge community of punters who target Dota2 events in Nigeria.

BTS Pro Series and ESL are two of the largest international Dota2 championships. Bettors from all over the world flock to premier sports betting websites to find the best markets and odds. N1bet undoubtedly comes among the best for Nigerian punters.

In terms of markets, you can enjoy map handicap, 1 map – winner, 2 map – winner, 1 map – kill handicap, and so on. What’s more is that N1bet offers in-play betting for these esports titles as well.

If you’re not familiar, in-play betting or live betting is the ability for punters to place bets in real-time as the match is unrolling. It’s a great way to recoup some of your losses or even make a profit if your pre-match bets seem to fail.

League of Legends

At the time of writing, this game is over 10 years old! And still, people go crazy over League of Legends Tournaments. At N1bet, you can find tournaments such as the Iberian Cup, League of Legends World Championship, and Prime League Pro Division.

In these tournaments, the most prominent teams participate to fight for the title of the champion. Bettors, on the other hand, place their bets on map handicaps, 1 map – winners, and 2 map – winners.

Before League of Legends made its way into the industry, CSGO and Dota dominated the eSports arena. LOL might not be the largest eSports title now, but it has a very particular audience base. For example, people who love mythical characters with superpowers enjoy LOL a lot. It goes for both playing the title and betting on them.

eSports on N1bet targets this audience particularly. If you consider yourself a fan of LOL in Nigeria, jump into N1bet right now to open an account and start betting with the best odds.


StarCraft is one of the old-school eSports titles that are still in circulation. It came out in 1998 as a real-time strategy game based on a military sci-fi theme. Blizzard Entertainment, the developer of the game has later published sequels to this title. However, the original StarCraft and its remastered variant remained the top choice among punters and gaming enthusiasts in Nigeria.

The number of available tournaments is somewhat limited for this game. Even the N1bet eSports section had only one tournament going on at the time of writing. We’re talking about none other than Afreeca Starleauge. In terms of markets, the options are limited as well. You can only place your bets on outrights.

King of Glory

King of Glory or Honor of Kings, however you might want to call it, is a very prominent mobile online game in the Chinese market. Published by Tencent, this game has gained massive popularity in Nigeria for its unique betting markets. To access the King of Glory events on N1bet, navigate to the dedicated page for this title.

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Play eSports on N1bet: Terms & Conditions

In order to make your N1bet eSports betting experience more enjoyable, you need to be on top of the rules and terms of the bookmaker. There is a very handy section on the primary Terms and Conditions page of the website where you can find the rules for all available sports, including eSports titles.

First of all, the minimum age for participating in N1bet eSports events is 18. During your registration, you’ll need to provide your valid ID and other documents that prove your residency in Nigeria and your financial condition.

After you place a bet on different markets, all of them are settled after the official results have been published. Only then, you’re entitled to the payout. If the fixture has errors, N1bet reserves the right to void the incorrect bets. Moreover, if the number of maps changes from the originally offered markets, N1bet may also void the bets.

If a match starts but doesn’t produce any valid results due to technical difficulties or cancellation, you have a 48-hour buffer. If there are no settled results for the events after 48 hours, the bets will be void. All of these rules apply to all eSports titles on N1bet eSports including CSGO, Dota2, League of Legends, and StarCraft.

The rules for individual markets will vary from title to title. For example, CSGO offers a first blood market while Dota2 doesn’t. Similarly, Dota2 offers the first barracks market which CSGO or LOL doesn’t.

Is eSports Live betting Available on N1bet?

It surely is. As we’ve already mentioned, live betting or in-play betting is done when a match is live. Bookmakers offer additional markets once the match rolls out where punters can place a new bet.

To access the live betting feature on N1bet eSports, you simply need to click on the In-Play tab on the top navigation bar of the website. N1bet offers in-play betting on regular sports such as football, baseball, basketball, and of course, eSports.

The odds on live events at N1bet can range from 1.01 to 1000.0! It’s one of the most spectacular odds you can witness in Nigeria.

Welcome Bonus on N1bet

Although there are no N1bet promo codes at the time of writing, there are plenty of other promotions you can enjoy. All you need to do to access the promotions is navigate to the promotions page.

What we love the most about the promotions page is that you can not only find sportsbook promotions but also casino promotions. Comboboost and ComboUSA are two of the major sportsbook promotions at N1bet for the Nigerian punters!

In terms of sports promotions, you can get a 300% match up to ₦1.000.000 on your first deposit! Then you have reload bonuses, weekend reloads, and other free bets sports promotions to keep you entertained.

+300% HUNTING BONUS UP TO 1,000,000 ₦ 10% Norisk Free Bet up to 500,000 ₦
18+. No risk free bet: 10% of 1st deposit, max 500,000 ₦. Bonus on loss. Free bet expires in 3 days. Use on odds 1.01-2.00. Abuse may void winnings. Terms subject to change. Full T&Cs apply. Full T&Cs

The bottom line thats, if you’re a fan of both N1bet eSports betting and casino games simultaneously, N1bet might be the perfect iGaming destination for you.