Last updated February 27, 2024

1xBet agent registration in Nigeria is a great opportunity to enjoy commission and other agent benefits. Please read on for information about the registration form, registration fee and much more!

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1xBet Agent: How Does it Work?

The operator is giving you the opportunity to be a 1xBet agent, which involves working as a bet broker for the brand. You can process all bets using a smartphone, so you don’t need to invest in a desktop computer. In fact, registration involves no financial investment as the role involves being an intermediary between bettors and the bookmaker.

A 1xBet agent is a middleman that acts on behalf of both parties. The agent will strive to get you the best odds from a range of bookmakers. However, 1xBet has an outstanding agent programme that rewards its representatives with a commission and excellent other benefits.

The agent gets commission when their clients deposit and withdraw funds from a 1xBet account. Another important fact to consider is that agents are anonymous.

There are a number of online bookmakers in Nigeria who are looking for agents, but 1xBet is the best place to go. New customers can claim the welcome bonus using the 1xBet promo code. This code makes it easy to activate the sign up offer so new customers will make qualifying deposits and meet the wagering requirements. As an agent you benefit from the 1xBet promo code process.

Conditions to Become a 1xBet Agent

Agents must be 18 or older and own a device that is reliable for mobile communication. The agent decides how much time to dedicate to running a bet brokerage. There are no limits on commission but the agent must reside in Nigeria for the 1xBet Nigeria agency scheme. The company now has more than 5,000 working global agents.

An agent must be reliable and deal with his client in a fair way. There has to be total transparency with 1xBet but bets that have been brokered are only the business of the three involved parties. The agent must comply with good practice and do nothing to jeopardise the 1xBet reputation. The bookmaker has a licence to trade in Nigeria so they must employ reliable.

Finally, the bookmaker asks potential new partners to meet the 1xBet registration requirements in the joining process they complete before becoming an agent.

1xBet Agent Benefits

Agents must receive compensation for the time and effort to deal with potential customers and process the bets. They must be aware of the 1xBet betting markets and odds, but the role does not include providing tips and predictions.

The agent must be impartial; therefore, there have to be benefits for providing the bet brokerage service.

At 1xBet, the benefits of acting as an agent are as follows:

  • Earn commissions on deposits and withdrawals made by the customer.
  • Flexible working hours and no restrictions on the time investment.
  • Support of a 1xBet personal manager who deals with applications and deposits.
  • Enjoying the reputation of a licensed and regulated brand in Nigeria to attract bettors.
  • Safe environment as financial transactions and commissions are anonymous.

So, the agent benefits are financial and can contribute to a good work/leisure balance in an interesting activity. Hence, there is a stringent registration and application process which is described next.

How to Register as a 1xBet Agent?

Setting up a bet brokerage to work with this operator will be of interest to many individuals who reside in Nigeria. Luckily, the registration process is easy and takes only a few steps to be set up.


Each applicant must be verified before earning the status of an agent. This is because 1xBet does not like too many representatives in one geographical area. Hence, an applicant may not be verified if 1xBet thinks an area is adequately served.

Agent Account

An agent usually must have an existing account or can register with 1xBet before submitting an application. The agent’s manager at 1xBet creates an account for deposits that provide betting funds for the client. The agent account will have a unique Username and Password so the funds are secure. Also, the login process is quick and seamless.

How To Register As A 1xBet Agent


Having funded the special personal account, the agent will be sent a download link to install the application. This process takes place with very little delay, so once 1xBet verifies an agent, the individual in Nigeria can start earning a commission. Also, an agent can enjoy the other benefits of working in partnership with 1xBet which is a trusted brand in Nigeria.

Player Account

The person in Nigeria who the agent represents in placing bets requires an active 1xBet account. If the individual is a new customer, there is the option to claim the welcome deposit bonus of up to N100,000 using the 1xBet promo code. Subsequent transactions between the agent and client appear as deposit transfers.


Finally, the agent has the authority to transfer money from the player’s account to the agent account. However, deposits are limited to the account balance which means the customer cannot bet on credit. That is a sensible stipulation as it eliminates the potential for the customer to owe the agent money. That could cause disputes between all parties, which are to be prevented.

How Much is the 1xBet Agent Commission?

The 1xBet commission varies based on a number of factors. However, most agents in Nigeria will receive 2-5% of deposits and 2% of withdrawals. So, there is a bigger reward for net depositing customers than withdrawals. However, you should bear in mind that the first deposit activates the welcome bonus, and there are deposit bonuses for existing customers.

1xBet bases commission for each agent on the personal information provided by the agent and the status. The system is fair in that the agents who are responsible for most transfers will receive more commission than others. Agents will be informed of their commission rates when they have made a successful application to take bets and meet 1xBet registration Terms and Conditions.

Is There a Registration Fee for new agents on 1xBet?

Information about a registration fee for becoming an agent does not appear on the 1xBet Shop where players apply. Therefore, we can assume there is no registration fee for when you are accepted as an agent in Nigeria for 1xBet.

During the registration, you have to add your permanent address so the operator knows where you are located. This helps spread the agents evenly throughout a country.

What is the 1xBet Agent Application?

1xBet created a downloadable agent app for iOS and Android devices. Potential agents can submit an application using the app on both platforms. The app works on the latest software versions.

1xBet Agent Application

Android users must install the apk. file on the mobile device. The Security Settings have to be changed to accept apps from Unknown Sources. This requirement is no different from installing all other gaming apps on Android phones. So, downloading the 1xBet Android agent app takes just a few minutes so there is little delay before applying to be an agent.The iOS app is downloaded from the Apple Store to phones and tablets. You search for ‘1xBet agent’ and once you have located the app, the process takes very little time. The iOS app can then be used to submit an application to 1xBet to broker bets between the customer and bookmaker as a verified and registered agent.

Disclaimer: 1xBet does not have a license to operate in the US, Australia, Canada and Europe with the exception of Spain.