Last updated October 31, 2023

Bet9ja is taking sports betting to another level to further entertain and delight its customers through virtual games. Hence, this review will provide detailed information about the new Bet9ja stadium virtual games introduced by Bet9ja.

What is Bet9ja Stadium Virtual?

Bet9ja Stadium is a newly launched online football game with a semblance of real clubs and tournament results. As a result, the game on the Bet9ja league TV has two modes: Turbo and Standard.

In the Standard mode, players get a maximum of 2 minutes to select from the results of each weekly game, which ends around thirty-five seconds after the game kicks off. On the other hand, the Turbo mode does not require any time limit for selections. Instead, players have the option to stake more bets after placing the first bets of the opening week. So, for the Turbo mode, you can determine the final match outcomes moments after the game has taken off.

There are seven European leagues to stake on and sixty-seven matches for each weekly game. Players can make match additions from other tournaments to boost their stakes.

Bet9ja Stadium Virtual

How Does Bet9ja Stadium Work?

The new Bet9ja virtual stadium games aim to offer players the most realistic gaming experience. To play online football games, players simply need to place bets on an entire tournament which includes 67 matches each week. The stakes comprise correct score, the classic 1×2, double chance bets, and goal/no goal. Hence, players have lots of opportunities to place bets on the Bet9ja virtual stadium games.

How To Play The Bet9ja Stadium

  1. First, you need to visit the Bet9ja Stadium website and log in by clicking the Login button on the top right of the screen.
    Bet9ja Stadium Login
  2. Choose the tournament you wish to stake on. The 7 leagues available include Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, Serie A, Primeira Liga, and the Eredivisie.
  3. When you join the tournament, you will be given at most 2 minutes to choose your matches. With this limited time, you are to click on your choice odds through the games available. Next, return to the menu and include more bets from other tournaments.
  4. If you wish to explore other markets, you will have different alternatives beyond the available games. Apart from having a default 1×2 stake, other options are goal/no goal, over/under, score goal, double chance, and home over/under markets, which you can include in your betting slip.
  5. After making your match selections, you will see your bet slip at the bottom of the screen. Then add your choice stake, as low as N50, which covers single, multiple, or a combined bet.
  6. Finally, you’re to quickly place a bet, before the 2 minutes get exhausted.

How to Access Bet9ja Stadium?

Before placing bets online, create a Bet9ja online account. Complete the Bet9ja registration either on the website or through the Bet9ja mobile app. Also, remember that creating a new online account with Bet9ja is free.

After registering a new online account, you can log in and proceed to the top of your screen. Then you will find the Bet9ja Stadium icon, to begin playing your choice games on Bet9ja stadium virtuals.

Note that only new players who are at least 18 years of age can play on the virtual platform.

Bet9ja Account Registration

What Are the Bet9ja Stadium Rules?

To enjoy your experience with the new Bet9ja stadium virtual football games, it is important you follow the stated rules guiding the games.

First, understand that you have options to place three types of bets on the platform; single, multiple, or combined.

Now here are the rules:

  1. Single bet means you’ll place a stake on a single match result. For instance, the away team that wins.
  2. Multiple bets mean staking on different results in a league or several leagues as an added stake. Note that your bet is lost even if you lose one of your multiple selections.
  3. With Combined bets, gather all your multiple bets into one bet slip. With this, you can create the three types of bets depending on the amount staked on multiple games.
  4. Bet9ja stadium games do not reflect any real-life football event, outcomes, or fixtures. Any similarity to it should be a coincidence.
  5. One can’t alter the result of each new game.
  6. In the event of any technical hitch on the Bet9ja platform or if the site is undergoing any maintenance wherein it cannot access a Stadium fixture, the matches will still go on, and the outcome will not be affected.

Which Leagues Are Available at Bet9ja Stadium?

There are a total of seven European leagues available for Bet9ja Stadium games. They are Bundesliga, Serie A, Premier League, La Liga, Ligue 1, Primeira Liga, and the Eredivisie. Once you select your choice league, you’ll see the live game for the week.

Remember that you can add more games to your bet slip from the 67 matches played each week. Bet9ja will display the result of the match and it will reflect the bets that are won or lost.

Claim Bet9ja Bonus

Bet9ja Stadium virtual football games offer several bonuses. In other words, you get closer to a free bonus after each bet. When you keep placing bets and get to 100% within a specific time frame, then you’ll get a free bonus. The subsequent bets you place will take you to a higher level with a larger amount. If you feel this welcome bonus offer is generous, you can register with the Bet9ja promotion code – SPORTMAX and also get a 170% Multiple Bonus.