Last updated July 15, 2024
  • Unique Bonuses
  • High Odds
  • Mobile App

Below is a table that highlights the features of the Bet9ja app:

Bet9ja App Features Star ranking
Downloading/system requirements5
Bonuses and Promotions4
Download Bet9ja app Bet9ja app

How to download the Bet9ja app

bet9ja download the app

The Bet9ja application is available for iOS and Android devices and here is a step by step guide to download the app for each operating system:

Bet9ja on iOSlogo ios

  • Start iTunes on a PC.
  • Sign in.
  • Click on the iTunes Store.
  • Select the category.
  • Download the app.

Bet9ja on Androidandroid logo

  • Head over to the brand’s website.
  • Sign in.
  • Find the page where you can download the Android version of the app.
  • Download the app.
  • Remember to enable unknown sources setting on your phone.

The System Requirements/compatibility

The Bet9ja app has reasonable requirements: it is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

On the other side, any device running Android 4.4 or higher is compatible with the app’s system requirements. All you need is a couple of megabytes of storage and you will be able to use the app.

📱 Application version1.184.6
⚖️ Apk weight19.16 MB
📲 App AvailabilityAndroid, iOS
✔️ Compatibility requirementAndroid 4.4 or higher required
⬇️ Downloading Bet9ja appFree
📦 Package namecom.logispin.bet9ja

Welcome Bonus available and how to get it

New sports betting customers using the Bet9ja mobile app are entitled to a 170% Multiple Bonus. Here is how to get the bonus:

It is possible to benefit from the Bet9ja mobile app bonus when registering with a Bet9ja promo code


Validated for


on 20/7/2024

  • Unique Bonuses
  • High Odds
  • Mobile App

    What are the benefits of using the Bet9ja mobile app?

    If you are familiar with the betting space in Nigeria, you should be aware that Bet9ja have consistently held their own. With that in mind, you can expect nothing less with their mobile app.

    Below are some of the key benefits of using their app:

    ◾ Easy to download and install

    Sometimes, with downloading apps, hitches occur and you might even discover that the app comes with a lot of bugs that make installing a huge task. However, this is not the case with the Bet9ja app. You can easily download this app and install it in a split second without having to cross any hurdles.

    ◾ Smooth and easy for sports betting

    The bet9ja app is like a representation of the kind of quality that the website has so far promised. The app comes fully stacked with a wide variation of games to bet on. It is very easy to navigate for betting and doesn’t lag or experience any interception in the process of betting. All these contribute to a pleasurable betting experience when using the app.

    ◾ Tight security for payments

    With how easy it is for scams to happen on unverified sites, it is understandable to be wary of leaving your card details on a platform. However, with the bet9ja app, your fears are curtailed. The bet9ja app features full-proof security that makes it safe and secure for processing payments.

    ◾ Live betting

    The live betting feature that’s added to the bet9ja app earns it some plus. Now, placing bets on live games is just a click away and your chances of winning just got higher.

    ◾ Cash-out option

    With the cash-out feature added to the bet9ja app, you can now take a quota of your prospective winnings after other events on the slips have been confirmed. This feature makes it possible for you to win even if the ticket eventually goes south.

    Bet9ja Quickest Payments in Nigeria - Bet Now

    ◾ Smooth login process

    Login is way easier on the bet9ja apps. With just a few clicks and swipes here and there, you will be granted access to your account.

    What are the disadvantages of using Bet9ja mobile app?

    One undeniable disadvantage of the bet9ja app is the fact that it is only available on Android. This means iOS users can’t use this app. In essence, all iOS users have the option of only betting via the website.

    What are the app features?

    Here you will be looking at some of the standout features that make the bet9ja app worth the salt.

    In-play betting

    bet9ja leagues

    The In-play betting feature makes it possible for you to place bets on live games. Gone are those times when you are only restricted to betting on prematches. Interestingly, the In-play on the app comes fully packed with a bunch of live games and markets to pick from as it is attainable with pre-matches.

    Wide range of casino games

    On the bet9ja app, there is an endless selection of casino games to explore. So if you are a casino lover, you are spoiled with options. A wide range of options exist like slots, blackjack, and a fleet of casino games to enjoy.

    casino games on bet9ja

    Bet9ja Livescore

    With the livescore feature equipped on the app, you don’t necessarily have to explore other apps to follow up on live updates. The Bet9ja livescore feature offers you premium updates on scores and statistics of live games.

    Bet9ja Streaming & Live Betting

    This is an era where different betting platforms are exploring including live streaming features on their apps or websites and bet9ja is not sleeping on it too. With the live streaming feature on the bet9ja app, you can catch up with the live games in real-time from the comfort of your devices.

    However, not all games available in the live section of the app can be streamed live. To know the games you can stream, you will see the video icon attached to it.

    With this live streaming feature, live betting has also become more fun. Because not only can you follow up on updates via the app, you can also watch it happen live and make decisions on what to bet while the match is in play.

    Bet9ja Live Betting

    Easy way to manage your account

    The bet9ja app was set up to make your betting experience hassle-free. With the app, you don’t necessarily have to cross through hoops to do basic things.

    You can easily make deposits, process withdrawals, cash out in a heartbeat and perform other operations without having to go through much stress.

    Mobile Sports Betting

    How interesting is it that you can just easily place bets with a few clicks? This and more is what the bet9ja app assures you.

    The sports selection on the app is very robust. You tend to find sports ranging from football, and volleyball to even less popular sports. With the robust selection, your options are endless. Regardless of what sport you love, there is a great chance that you would find it in the selection.

    Mobile Virtual Sports Betting

    Bet9ja understands that there are virtual lovers who just want to make quick cash without having to wait for 90 minutes. The bet9ja apk comes correct with a broad range of virtual games to pick, from virtual horse racing to football.

    Mobile Casino Games

    Enjoy a premium casino betting experience like never before. With the rich selection of casino games offered on the apk, your options are not limited. There is at least one casino game that will tickle your fancy. The most interesting thing is that it is way easier to play casino games via the app.

    What about using bet9ja mobile site?

    As opposed to the advantages and disadvantages of using the bet9ja apk, below is a list containing the pros and cons of using the bet9ja mobile site.

    ✔️ Bet9ja Mobile Site Advantages

    ◾ Beautiful User Interface

    One of the commendable things about the bet9ja website is how easy it is on the eye. The colours used are quite aesthetically appealing and make betting on the platform enjoyable.

    ◾ Easily Navigable

    Most bettors always look out for how easy it is to navigate a website before settling with it. A site that is tedious to navigate probably because of the colour themes used or the poor alignment of icons, makes betting a difficult task. However, with the bet9ja site, you are least likely going to suffer this. The site is designed to make betting easy. The contrast between the colour themes used and the adequate arrangement of icons on the screen makes it easy to navigate the website without any struggle more or less.

    ◾ Highly responsive

    It is always a thing of concern using a betting platform that pales in speed when trying to process a bet. With slow speed, there is a chance you might end up losing out on opportunities that would have been mouthwatering for you. However, with this site, you get to enjoy a really fast speed that experiences no glitch in the process.

    ◾ 24/7 customer service

    Bet9ja understands that situations might arise that would require a professional to help you out with them. With that in mind, they ensure that these professionals are always at your beck and call to help you out of any issue you might be experiencing with the site.

    ◾ Swift deposit

    Deposits are processed in a split second with the bet9ja website. You don’t necessarily have to go through the stress of having to wait long hours to have the amount deposited reflected in your account. It is also interesting to note that the website gives you a wide range of deposit options to harness. So in any case one deposit method is acting up, you can always explore the others.

    ◾ A broad selection of games

    With the bet9ja website, there is rarely a thing like not having enough games to bet on. There are a bunch of games bordering on different sports. So your options are limitless. For example, football generally on the bet9ja website offers you over 1000 games to pick from, especially during weekends. This broad selection of games is also applicable to other sports that are represented on the betting platform. So whether you are a football lover, basketball lover, or tennis lover, there is an endless selection of games waiting for you to explore.

    ◾ Broad markets available

    On the bet9ja website, your betting options are not limited to straight win, double chance, or over options. It is popularly known that bet9ja has one of the richest selections of markets in Africa. If you are someone that likes exploring betting markets that are not regular, you are going to have a field day on the bet9ja site. On the football section, you are going to find juicy markets like Chance Mix options, Corner options, Goalscorer options, to mention but a few. There is indeed no limit to the betting options you can find on this platform.

    Bet9ja Mobile Site Disadvantages

    ◾ Slow processing of withdrawals

    It is annoying that to process withdrawals on the bet9ja website, one has to wait for long hours and sometimes, a day before the cash reflects in your bank account. This is something that needs to be worked on as soon as possible.

    🖁Devices compatible with the app

    Firstly, all iOS devices are not compatible with the app, as bet9ja is still working on an app that would function well with iPhone devices. Below is a list of Android devices that functions at optimum with the bet9ja app:

    • Samsung
    • Infinix
    • HTC
    • LG
    • Oppo
    • Redmi
    • Sony
    • Tecno

    FAQ – Bet9ja mobile app

    Yes. The bet9ja apk latest version, including the old bet9ja mobile version, is one of the most functional mobile betting applications available.

    A brief surf on the net will show you a different website where you can source the apk from and install it on your mobile devices.

    Yes, there is an app for android: you can download it from the Play Store.

    Bet9ja doesn’t have an app that can function well with iOS devices.

    Yes, the bet9ja live streaming option is available for use on the android version of the app.

    The bet9ja app might be crashing if your phone memory is full or the cache. Try to clear the cache. Also, you can free up some space from your phone memory.

    Yes. With the app, there is a wide range of Horse Racing to pick from and bet on.

    ⭐ Opinions of the Bet9ja app

    Here are the good and not-so-good elements of the Bet9ja app:

    Bet9ja App ProsBet9ja App Cons
    Welcome bonusFew ongoing promotions
    In-play bettingNo mobile-specific bonus
    Odds for over 30 sportsDeposit must be bet 10 times
    Easy to navigateOther apps offer more sports

    Conclusion on Bet9ja app

    The bet9ja app is at the top of the pecking order when mobile apps of betting platforms are being discussed. The bet9ja app is every bettor’s dream app and comes fully packed with features that will make your betting experience worthwhile. With all that has been discussed so far, there needs not to be too much convincing about how awesome an app it is.

    Lastly, one can’t overemphasize the essence of responsible gaming. While you want to enjoy the perks that come from betting and win astronomically, you must remind yourself actively of responsible gambling rules. Always do due diligence to check the terms and conditions about the different offers on a site, and about the site also.

    The more information you have about the platform and the offers, the more likely you are to make a more informed decision about whether to bet or not. In the long run, the outcomes of the bets will be on you and you want to make sure it ends up being in your favour.