Last updated October 31, 2023

The Bet9ja book a bet option is one feature several punters are curious about. Bet9ja is one of Nigeria’s most famous betting websites with several betting markets. So, it is only normal for punters to be curious about the process of booking a bet on the online bookmaker.

What Does Booking Bet Mean on Bet9ja?

Booking bets on Bet9ja means selecting a sports event and predicting and staking on the possible outcome of the game. It simply involves selecting a sports event of your choice, creating a bet slip, and taking the slip to a Bet9ja attendant who will place the bet on your behalf. We will be discussing the various ways of booking a bet on Bet9ja below.

How To Book a Bet on Bet9ja Desktop?

How do I book a bet on Bet9ja using a desktop? This is relatively easy. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to do this.

  1. To book a bet on Bet9ja, you must first log out of your betting account on the site.
  2. On the betting site, click on the menu option on the bottom left of the homepage.
  3. Select the “Book a Bet” icon, and you’ll enter the sports section.
    Bet9ja Book A Bet
  4. Here, select the sports of your choice and make your betting predictions.
  5. You’ll get a payslip. On the payslip on the right column of the site, fill in the amount you wish to stake and click on the green “Bet” icon. A popup will appear.
  6. Further instructions will appear on the popup with the following options:
    • Register Now: This is to create an account with Bet9ja for new players.
    • Print: To print out your bet and take it to the closest betting shop to activate your bet.
    • Send Via Email: To send the booking details to your email address.
Bet9ja Book A Bet

You can go ahead and choose any option that works for you. You can either print out your bet slip and take it to a Bet9ja agent to validate or show the agent the soft copy of the slip in your email.

How to Book a Bet on Bet9ja Mobile Lite?

Players can also use the Bet9ja book a bet feature on the mobile lite version of the betting site. If you want to use the book a bet Bet9ja new mobile lite site, simply follow these steps:

  1. Go to your internet browser on a mobile device and go to the Bet9ja website.
  2. If you are already signed up on Bet9ja, do not log in just yet until after the booking. The same thing applies to new punters intending to sign up.
  3. Click on the “Bet” option and select your betting market, copy out your booking number and click on the “Book a Bet” menu at the top of the screen.
    Bet9ja Book A Bet
  4. Clicking this link will direct you to a page where you are required to paste your booking number.
    Bet9ja Book A Bet
  5. After this, you can click on the “Book Bet” option and enter your email address.
  6. You’ll get a confirmation email after clicking the “Send” option. Once you get it, visit a physical outlet of the sports betting shop and show them the mail.
  7. Make the payment, and the Bet9ja agent will handle the rest.

How To Book a Bet on Bet9ja Mobile App?

To operate the Bet9ja book a bet on the Bet9ja mobile app, you need to visit the web version to do so. Here’s a guideline.

  1. Visit the Bet9ja website on your mobile phone. Do not log into your account if you have one.
  2. Select the sports you wish to bet on and your prediction on the site.
  3. After this, click on the green “Book Bet” icon on the page.
  4. You will get a booking number that identifies your bet slip and other bet information.
  5. After receiving a confirmation mail, visit a Bet9ja shop and show your booking number to have your bet slip validated.
  6. Make the bet payment to the cashier, and the Bet9ja agent will place the bet on your behalf, and that’s it.

How to Book a Bet on Bet9ja Old Mobile?

For punters still using the old version of Bet9ja mobile, you can still conveniently use the Bet9ja book a bet function.

  1. First, visit the operator’s site on your old device, and the browser will redirect you to the old mobile version of the site.
  2. To book a bet, do not log into your account. Go to the sports options and make your selections.
    Bet9ja Book A Bet
  3. After selecting your bet option, fill in the amount you wish to wager and click on the green “Bet” button.
    Bet9ja Book A Bet
  4. After this, you’ll get a booking slip. You’ll need to copy the booking number on the slip.
  5. Next, locate the closest Bet9ja shop and hand a copy of the booking number to an agent for validation.
  6. After the agent validates your bet slip, make the necessary payment, and the bet will be placed on your behalf by a Bet9ja attendant.

What Is a Booking Code on Bet9ja?

The Bet9ja booking code, also called booking number, is a unique set of numbers mixed with the alphabet generated by the bookmaker after a player uses the Bet9ja book a bet feature.

These numbers are useful for identifying the games selected and other betting information about a booked bet. The booking code contains details about a bet, so Bet9ja attendants use them to validate punters’ bets.

Claim Bet9ja Bonus

There are several bonuses available to punters on Bet9ja, the most interesting one of them being the welcome bonus. Customers can use the Bet9ja promotion code SPORTMAX.

Players can obtain this bonus by visiting the betting site, signing up. Also, they will need to meet certain terms and conditions. Among these conditions are:

  1. Participants must be above the age of 18.
  2. After signing up, you need to bet your deposit in one or several events with odds of at least 1.2 on the site before you can get a 170% Multiple Bonus.

Once you’ve met these requirements, you can withdraw your winnings.